I’d like to turn my U.S. contacts into clients.

But, am I eligible for government subsidies for international export?

How to benefit from financial assistance to launch internationally?

Who’s eligible?

French companies with under 5,000 employees and annual revenue of less than €50 million for SMEs and €1,5 billion for midcaps are eligible.

Who can I work with?

To qualify for your €12,000 subsidy, the agency you select must be a certified opérateur agréé by Business France. The good news is we are!

What’s covered?

Everything you’ll need to prospect and sell in the U.S., including your sales decks, email campaigns, landing page and brochure designs, press kits, and more!

How much will I receive?

The CRE covers 50% of your approved projects up to €24,000 of services. That means you only pay €12,000.

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Up to €12,000 covered for your international development projects

More than ever, the markets are internationalizing and there is no doubt that external markets represent a powerful growth driver and allow us to absorb more serenely shocks such as we experienced during the year 2021.


Aware of this need for openness for French companies, the government has decided to support your international development initiatives by creating, through Team France Export, the export recovery check. This allows you to benefit from aid of up to €2,000 within the limit of 6 files per company.


Rain is at the heart of this system since our mission is to help you set up or develop on the American market and as an authorized operator, we can help you benefit from this system.

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